New single from SISTER

After listening to ‘Naked’, we cant wait to hear the new album from SISTER: Disguised Vulture. It kind of sounds like a fresh version of old school Blackie Lawless bands such as Circus Circus and Sister – Yes he actually had a band called that. One would wonder  wether if thats a coincidence or if the swedish version just stole the name. But anyways we dont care, cause both Sisters rock!!

“Naked is a slow and powerfull song that was written during some dark times. It reflects the feeling of being exposed and how life sometimes can be cruel to you. Naked is kind of different from all the other singles we’ve released and it feels like the right time for doing something like that. This album will give you even more suprises further on!” – SISTER 

Disguised Vulture is recorded with Martin Sweet from CrashDïet and will be released on 21. january 21 in North America and January 24th in UK/Europe.

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